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4 x 28mm metal Libyan warriors

Bare-back War Elephant


1 x 28mm Resin elephant model (the tusks and trunk are separate and are metal) and 1 x multi-part resin mahout @ £10


Carthaginian Command 2


4 x 28mm metal Carthaginian Command figures @ £6

Carthaginian Officer


1 x 28mm metal multi-part figure

Carthaginian Veteran Command


3 x 28mm metal figures, complete with standard and shields

Supplied unpainted, unbiased and require minor assembly

Carthaginian War Chariot


1 x 28mm multi-part MDF Chariot, 4 x 28mm metal horses, and 3 x 28mm metal multi-part crew.

Consul on Foot


1 x 28mm metal Roman Consul on foot

Consular Command


1 x Mounted Roman Consul, 1 x Standard Bearer and 1 x shield bearing Slave (all 28mm)


Elephant Victim


1 x 28mm metal elephant victim, to be used in conjunction with ELLYRES 1 (or 2/3/4, with some modelling) Requires assembly. Supplied unassembled and unpainted.

Etruscan Augurs


2 x 28mm figures. Supplied unpainted and unbased.

Etruscan Axe-men


6 x 28mm metal figures. Supplied unpainted and unbased.

Etruscan Centurions


3 metal 28mm figures, complete with Aspis shields and sword hand. Supplied unassembled, unpainted and unbased.


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